Monday, 1 September 2014

Wow. The first blog text after a huuuuuge summerish brake. What to snap? Or should I pick some of the images from our holiday trips? No, I don't feel like summer pics today. It's first of September, and you can feel it.

The best thing about September (so far) is the "Muoviton syyskuu" ("Non plastic September") -challenge on Facebook! We Finns alone use about 300 million plastic bags a year. That's not nice. The idea of this challenge is basically to cut the usage of plastic products.

Farewell plastic bags, we're not gonna miss you!

#muovitonsyyskuu #challenge #notoplastic #oceangarbagepatches #pollution #plasticbags #drasticplastic #garbagecontinent

Read more about the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean:
The "Muoviton syyskuu"-challenge:

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