Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Little Lizard! <3 
We are back in Finland again (oops, I haven't had the time or possibility to blog anything here recently, I'm sorry, we have been so much out of computer) and happily were invited to a sweet summer cottage for a couple of days. It just has all you need to make a Finnish summer day perfect - a lake, a sauna and a forest (okay, "some" mosquitos too). 
No electricity, no phones, no tv, no nothing, only the pure and still nature around you - ah, it just makes wonders. Children had all the "cottage things" too - a sweet & warm lake to swim in, blueberries and strawberries to pick, lots of lizards to pet (even kiss!) and some frogs to jump with. 
I reallyreally need to get myself a summerhouse too. I. Need. It. Really. 

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